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I am thrilled that you have found your way here. 

I am a gifted psychic with a passion for helping people connect with their higher selves and find the answers they seek.

If you are feeling lost, confused, or uncertain about your path in life, I am here to guide you. My psychic readings offer deep insights and wisdom that can help you navigate life's challenges and uncover the hidden opportunities that await you.

I offer a variety of psychic readings, including tarot, clairvoyance, astrology, and energy healing. Each session is tailored to your unique needs, and I take pride in creating a safe and supportive space where you can feel free to express yourself without judgment.

By booking an appointment with me, you will gain access to the powerful tools and insights that can help you transform your life. Whether you are seeking guidance on a specific issue or simply looking to explore your spiritual path, I am here to help.

Don't wait another moment to start living the life you were meant to live. Book an appointment with me today and take the first step towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.



Celebrity Love Psychic  Madam Eva
Specializing In Reuniting Lovers, Tarot Cards,

Palm Readings & Psychic Readings

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Welcome to the mystical world of Madam Eva, a spiritual guide who specializes in Tarot, Clairvoyance, Astrology, Crystals, Palmistry, and Energy Healing. With a divine gift for intuitive guidance, Madam Eva is a celebrity psychic and holistic mentor who has gained international recognition for her clairvoyant abilities.

As a master astrologer and love expert, Madam Eva has become renowned for offering unique and unparalleled insights into the lives of her clients. Whether you are facing challenges in your family, social, professional, or educational life, Madam Eva has the answers you seek. Her wisdom and expertise have attracted a diverse range of clients from all corners of the world, including royalty, celebrities from the movies and media, and everyday individuals like yourself.

If you are searching for clarity, guidance, and a deeper connection to the spiritual realm, Madam Eva is here to guide you on your journey. Let her unlock the secrets of the universe and help you discover your true purpose in life.

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Our Services

Many people ask me how you can read me over the phone? 

Don’t you need to see me in person?

The answer is I do not need to see you in person.

 As a psychic I receive information on many levels, I am a clairvoyant – seeing images, clairsentient – sensing your energy through the vibration of your voice, and telepathic, this is receiving information from Spirit, from your guides

and my guides.

In tuning into your energy I am reading on the level of your Soul body,

this is also known as your luminous energy body,