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Please Note! 

you can schedule your reading after payment is received.

Many people ask me how you can read me over the phone? 

Don’t you need to see me in person?

The answer is I do not need to see you in person.

 As a psychic I receive information on many levels, I am a clairvoyant – seeing images,Clairsentience – sensing your energy through the vibration of your voice, and telepathic, this is receiving information from Spirit, from your guides

and my guides.

In tuning into your energy I am reading on the level of your Soul body,

this is also known as your luminous energy body, aura, higher self. This part of you reveals information about your souls journey, your true nature and your connection to Spirit.


Soul Aligning Reading and Clearing (via phone) 

£700 & up

The Soul’s Imprint within the Quantum Field provides details about your soul lineage,  soul gifts, abilities, and mastered skills that help you fulfill your highest path and purpose in this lifetime.

  • Find out what Archetypes and Ancient Knowledge is part of your Soul’s DNA.

  • Your primary life experience and stage of spiritual transformation are identified.

  • Uncovers any soulmate contracts, other contracts, vows, pacts, chakra imbalances, entity attachments, and any other energetic misalignments affecting you in a negative way.

  • Receive assistance to clear any energetic bindings and move forward in alignment with your life goals and purpose.

  • Energetic Blocks are cleared!

LOVE METHODS (via Phone)

£300 & up

Have you been broken up or feel like your loosing the one you love? Don't give up! A love method can help you get your partner back. Restoring & enhancing love, passion, trust, intimacy, happiness & commitment. Our love methods are very powerful and are only intended to help relationships with a strong and REAL connection.

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Soul Connection Reading (via phone)

£230 & up

  • Uncover the soul-level dynamics between you and a loved one.  (spouse, partner, child, sibling, friend, etc)

  • Learn the karmic connections, past lives and life lessons you share.

  • The client does not need the other person to participate in this session.

  • Clear any blocks and restrictions in your own Soul’s quantum field that are connected to the relationship.

  • Learn the origins and qualities of both souls.

Energy Healing (via Phone)

£200 & up

Your energy field looks like a colorful bubble that surrounds the body and protects you from the outside world. When your aura becomes full of excess energy from everyday life it can slow you down mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. The focus of this treatment is to bring balance and harmony to your aura by clearing away impure energy that leaves you vulnerable to stress and illness. A monthly must!

The Akashic records (via phone)

£500 & up

record the patterns your soul is carrying that may currently inhibit you. These inhibiting patterns have come with your soul into this incarnation, acquired in other lifetimes or other dimensions that your soul has existed in. These disruptive energies I call soul barnacles, as they are on the outer edge of the soul and can be easily released and removed for all time, through working with the Akashic Records and the beings that heal through the soul records. Reveal contracts, agreements and vows you have made or now carry with loved ones that have a profound impact on these relationships.

With your permission, these imprints are cleared and resources of light and divine connection brought into the space around your soul where the damage has been done that has caused your life to be halted in various ways. Clear contracts with those that you are now choosing to release from your life. The soul level clearing also immediately translates into the physical, mental and emotional levels of your present experience. This work clears the patterns that are in your soul memory bank that limit you in your soul purpose and soul fulfillment and opens your soul destiny plans.

Chakra Test by (via phone)

£150 prices varies.

You are made up of 7 chakras. Unwanted negative energy, thoughts, and emotions slow down and eventually paralyze your chakras. This leaves you vulnerable to spritual depression Madam's mission is to nurture happy chakras -- and happy chakras mean happy bodies! Perfect for individuals who want to explore and shed belief systems that have been difficult to let go.

Indian Puja's


Worshiping Goddess Durga, the durga puja has its own significance in Hindus. It is an occasion,which brings strength and unity in the family. It raises the power and strength to do bigger works.Durga Mata puja is also an opening for reunion of family relationships. Hanuman Puja is to remove fear from all the minds and souls of a family. People who have Shani (Saturday's) bad effects over them are also advised for hanuman puja. Tuesday is Hanuman's day and hymning Hanuman prayers is very effective in eliminating fear from your lives. To get rid of the problems that you are facing, please contact Pandit vishwanath best indian astrologer in london for a detailed telephonic conversation, you can also fix an appoint for Pandit vishwanath famous astrologer in uk to visit your house and help you with your life problems. Used to invoke Lord Shiva's Grace, homa is a practice that cleans every disorder. One can worship the lord of lords, Shiva, just for keeping everything in balance.Homa is a way to connect with fire, which is one of the five elements. All the evil and demonic forces, every black magic, negative energies, witchcraft, voodoo etc. vanishes if one performs kali Mata Bali Puja. Performed under strict rules, this puja is a work of expertise only. You can be free from any curse or jinx with this puja.

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